Best Washing Machines [India 2021] + Reviews + Buying Guide

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Best washing machines can be divided into either front loading washing machines or top loading washing machines.

Both the type of washing machines have their own advantages and disadvantages. Therefore we present you list of best washing machines in both the categories.

Best Washing Machines in India

Best Washing Machines in India

Washing machines are of two types- Front Load and Top Load. We have listed best washing machines in each category for you. Also, do not forget to read out buying guide for washing machines in India in the end. It will help you in your purchase.

Bosch 7 kg Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine

The first one on our list of best washing machines in India is the Bosch washing machine which has a capacity of 7 kg. This front loading washing machine is fully automatic, with several notable features which are generally not found in models that come at this price range.

  • The product has a warranty of 2 years and the motor of 10 years.
  • It has a moderate weight of 62 kilograms.
  • It has a capacity of 7 kg which is suitable for small families.
  • It spins at 1200 RPM facilitating faster drying of clothes.

The washing machine comes with an LED display and push buttons to start and reload. It has a noise level of 55 dB hence it has a fairly silent operation while it is washing as well as drying and spinning.

  • Unlock and Reload- You can open the door early in the washing cycle to add more items.
  • 15/30 Min Programme- This program washes lightly-soiled clothes in just 15 minutes.
  • Allergy Plus- Clothes are washed at 60 degree celsius to free them of allergens and other germs.
  • Speed Perfect- Washing and drying is done 65% faster without compromising on the quality.
  • AntiVibration- This design makes the operation of this washing machine much quieter and with lesser vibrations.
  • EcoSilence- EcoSilence drive motor gives you friction-free operation and saves energy as well as water.
  • VarioDrum- The VarioDrum removes stains from delicate clothes and prevents damage.


15 different modes of washing and drying for you to choose from

No vibrations and noise while operating

Sleek and simple design


Timer of the machine is sometimes inaccurate

LG 6.0 Kg Front Loading Washing Machine

This LG washing machine is one of the most energy-efficient front-loading machines in the market. It has a 5 star energy rating which ensures low electricity bills for you.With a 6 kg capacity, it is perfect for small families and bachelors.

  • The product has a warranty of 2 years and the motor of 10 years.
  • It has a low weight of 60 kilograms.
  • It has a capacity of 6 kg which is suitable for small families and bachelors.
  • It spins at 1000 RPM for faster drying of clothes.

This model of LG comes with an efficient waterproof touch panel as well as 10 washing programs for you to select from. You can select from cotton, cotton large, mix, easy care, baby care, sports wear, delicate, wool, Quick 30 and Rinse plus Spin.

  • 6 Motion Control Technology- 6 Motion Direct Drive technology moves the wash drum according to the chosen wash mode to give fabrics proper care while cleaning.
  • Smart Diagnosis- You can link your washing machine with the SmartThinQ app to troubleshoot any possible problems.
  • Inverter Direct Drive- The motor is directly attached to the drum to reduce vibrations, noise, and wearing out of the motor.
  • Child Lock- You can disable the control panel with a Child Lock option to keep the settings safe.
  • Baby Care- You can get rid of bacteria and detergent residue from your baby’s clothes.


Has an auto-restart function to restart washing after power outages

Very energy-efficient

Smart diagnosis to solve problems


The water pipe is a little short

Bosch 6 kg Front Loading Washing Machine

Here is another front loading washing machine for all the nuclear families and bachelors out there. This model has a slightly lower spin speed but the special features it provides makes up for it. It is a German engineered fully-automatic washing machine with several wash programs.

  • It has as a capacity of 6 kg.
  • The product has a warranty of 2 years and the motor of 10 years.
  • With the Speed Perfect feature, you can get quicker washes with 65% less time.
  • Maximum spin speed at 800 RPM.

This front-load washing machine from Bosch is adept in efficiently using hot water to remove any germs or detergent residue. Moreover, it comes with a touch panel that is highly effective and waterproof as well. The PreWash feature lets you soak your clothes before starting the washing cycle for a better cleaning.

  • Allergy Plus- Clothes are washed at 60 degree celsius to free them of allergens and other germs and make them hygienically clean.
  • ExpressWash-  You can get fresh laundry in less than 60 minutes.
  • Unlock and Reload- You are allowed to open the door early in the washing cycle to add more items.
  • AntiVibration- AntiVibration design gives the washing machine a quieter operation.
  • ActiveWater- It facilitates lower water usage and lesser energy consumption.
  • 15/30 Min Programme- Washes lightly-soiled clothes in just 15 minutes.
  • VarioDrum- Removes stain from delicate clothes without damaging them.


Reloading option is available even after the washing cycle has begun.

Multiple water protection is available.

3 springs suspension for added stability and minimal vibrations.


Spin speed is a bit low

IFB 8.5 kg Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine

IFB is an Indian company that manufactures highly energy-efficient home appliances. This front-load washing machine of IFB has a 5 star energy rating ensuring your water and energy savings to the fullest.

  • It has a capacity of 8.5kg which is ideal for large families.
  • It has a high spin speed of 1400 rpm for optimal drying.
  • Very low noise level of 48 dB and 64 dB while washing and spinning respectively.
  • Both the product as well as the motor has a warranty of 4 years.

This front-loading washing machine gives you several wash options to choose from. The options include Express wash, delicates, anti allergens, woollens, baby wear, tub clean, mixed, uniform, synthetic or daily, normal cotton, sports wear, cradle wash, and spin/dry/drain.

  • Aqua Energie- A filter treatment that dissolves detergent into the water and provides adequate hard water treatment for a softer wash to your clothes.
  • Anti Allergen- If you have kids and elderly at home, this feature makes sure that your clothes are free of allergens as well as other germs to keep your family’s allergies at bay.
  • Laundry Add Option- This washing machine lets you pause the washing cycle to add more laundry.
  • Express Wash- This mode lets you wash lightly-soiled clothes faster than the regular ones.
  • Ball Valve Technology- This technology lets you drain the water out while retaining the detergent for the next wash cycle thus preventing wastage.


9 drum movements to adjust to the type of clothing you want to wash

In built heater

Unbalance correction available


Motor comes with only 4 years guarantee and not 10 years like most washing machines

Samsung 8 kg Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine

This front-loading washing machine from Samsung has a huge capacity of 8 kg which is perfect for large families. Its digital inverter technology and ceramic heaters ensures that you save a lot of water as well as decrease the energy consumption.

  • The product has a warranty of 3 years and the motor of 10 years.
  • It has a low weight of 59 kilograms.
  • It has a capacity of 8 kg which is suitable for large or joint families.
  • It spins at 1200 RPM for faster drying of clothes.

This automatic front loading washing machine by Samsung has several special features that ensure a hassle-free washing process for you and the utmost care for your clothes.

  • Smart Check- With the help of a mobile app, you can troubleshoot any problem that occurs with your washing machine.
  • Ceramic Heater-  You can avoid scaling due to hard water with ceramic heaters.
  • Eco Drum Clean- This technology keeps your front load washer fresh and automatically alerts you when it needs cleaning.
  • Diamond Drum- The drum’s soft curl design protects the fabric from getting trapped and gives a gentle wash.
  • Quick Wash – For lightly-soiled clothes, you can opt for the quick wash program for speedy cleaning.
  • Digital Inverter Technology- Gives you a silent operation of the washing machine.


LED panel for clear view

Eco Bubble technology for efficient cleaning

Affordable model


Option for delicate clothing wash is not available

LG 8 kg Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine

Here is another washing machine by LG which is one of the best front loading washing machines in 2020. This product has a 5 star energy rating so you know that it will consume much lesser energy and decrease your electricity bills drastically.

  • The product has a warranty of 2 years and the motor of 10 years.
  • It has a low weight of 60 kilograms.
  • It has a capacity of 8 kg which is suitable for large families and joint families.
  • It spins at 1400 RPM for faster drying of clothes.

This model has a pretty low noise level of just 54 dB thus ensuring a smooth and silent operation. The machine has an inbuilt Wifi option that allows you to operate it from anywhere with the LGThinQ app. If you ever put too much load on the washing machine, it will alert you to remove some load to prevent too much pressure on the motor.

  • Turbo Wash Technology- With jet sprays spraying clean tap water from above, you can get clean clothes in much less time.
  • Fuzzy Logic- The machine has four sensors according to which it manages its wash cycle: water level sensor, load imbalance sensor, door open sensor, and laundry load sensor.
  • Allergy Care- You can get rid of 99.9% germs and bacterias from your clothes.


Direct drive technology prevents excessive vibrations

The design is simple yet elegant

Auto restart facility resumes wash cycle after power outage


Wash cycles take quite a while to end no matter what program you choose

Whirlpool 7.5Kg 5 star fully automatic top loading washing machine

The first and foremost one on our list is the whirlpool fully-automatic top loading machine with the capacity of 7kg. It has many features that the other machines do not carry. This is a fully automatic 5 star machine with amazing features that you will not find easily in the market.

  • This is a 31kg weighted top load machine which is very accessible while installing
  • It has a capacity of 7.5 kg which is completely fine for a middle-sized family
  • It is made up of stainless steel and its installation system is of free standing type
  • It is manufactured by Whirlpool and does not require batteries for its operation

Some other features of this machine are that, this machine has the maximum rotational speed of 740RPM. It is the noise level of spinning is 72DB and its noise level of washing is 63DB. This machine also has LED digital display and also has hard water wash technology. Some more amazing features that adds 5 stars to this washing machine are

  • 123 Wash-  This machine contains an easy to use 3 buttons control panel to take special care of your washing needs. All you require to do is press the 1-2-3 button and the machine’s intelligence will take over the responsibility to deliver you a perfect wash.
  • Spiro Wash- This machine gives you 20% better washing experience and cleaning with the new advanced Spiro Wash action.
  • 12 wash program- This 12 wash program is built-in this machine to wash different types of fabrics perfectly.
  • ZPF Technology- This machine has ZPF Technology to resolve the water pressure on issue. This technology puts zero pressure and ensures that the wash tub is filled faster even in low water pressure.
  • It has other technologies like Delay wash, Auto Tub Clean, Smart Lint Filter, Aqua store and back control panel. It also has 6th Sense Smart Sensors that automatically senses and indicates low voltage & water conditions.


It has different modes for washing different types of fabrics

Comes with decent smart features


No Major Cons

Samsung 6.5Kg Fully-automatic top loaded washing machine

The second preferable machine on our list is the Samsung Fully-automatic top loaded machine with the capacity of 6.5kg. It contains many features in it that will let you experience the perfect kind of cleaning. It has advanced technologies built in it.

  • This is 29.5kg weighted machine with a 2 year warranty on it and has the same of 10 years on motor
  • It has the capacity of 6.5kg which is perfectly suitable for a family with 4-5 members
  • It is an affordable Fully-automatic powerful machine with great wash quality and is easy to use.
  • It has the maximum rotational speed of 680rpm
  • It is manufactured by Samsung and does not require batteries for its operation

Other extra features that add up to make this amazing machine are, it has the annual energy consumption of 220 Kilowatt Hours and has the noise level of 51db. It is made up of steel and has the free standing installation type. This machine has other features that will makes it worth it to be purchased such as the

  • Gentle Fabric Care- This feature protects your clothes from being damaged. The Diamond Drum’s unique “soft curl” design washes clothes very effectively, and treats them with care while washing them.
  • Magic Filter- This acts as a powerful filtration in this machine. A Magic Filter perfectly accumulates the particles from your clothes, so that your laundry stays cleaner.
  • Eco Tube Clean- This keeps your washer very fresh thoroughly. This Eco Tub Clean course keeps your top load washer fresh without using harsh chemicals.
  •  It also contains of other features like Child lock, Quick wash mode, Delicate wash mode and Monsoon mode. It has a tempered glass window and has the water level of 5.


It consists of the advanced Eco Tube Clean feature

It has the technology that protects your clothes from being damaged.


It has a very low rotational speed of 680rpm which makes the drying process slower.

LG 6.5 Kg 5 Star Smart Inverter Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

The third preferable washing machine on our list is the LG 5 star smart inverter fully-automatic top loading washing machine with the capacity of 6.5Kg. It has the best features inbuilt in it. Some of the features that you can find only in this machine are

  • This is a 32kg weighted machine with a 2 year warranty on it and has the same of 10 years on motor
  • It has the capacity of 6.5kg which is completely suitable for a middle size family
  • It is made up of stainless steel and has 230 voltage
  • It has the maximum rotational speed of 780rpm
  • It is manufactured by LG and does not require batteries for its operation

Other great features that this machine has are, it has the noise level of washing at 48db and noise level of spinning at 74db. Its noise level of drying is at 48db. This machine also has several types of wash programs that helps in cleaning every fabric perfectly. The other features that makes this a 5-star rated machine are

  • Smart Inverter Motor – The Smart Inverter washing machines adjust the energy consumption at the optimum level in accordance with the required power.
  • Long Motor Life- The motor of this machine comes with BMC Motor Protection, surrounding it completely. It leaves no room for dust, insects and humidity.
  • Powerful Washing- The turbo drum feature of this machine enables the most powerful wash & removes the toughest dirt through strong water stream of rotating drum & pulsates in the opposite direction
  • Durability- The material of this machine is not plastic. So, there is no chance of Bacteria and germs. It’s material is stainless steel, so there is no chance of rust either, only great durability.


It comes with the advanced motor protection

Inbuilt protection from dust and humidity.  


It requires a lot of maintenance.

Bosch 6.5kg Fully-automatic Top loading washing machine

The another perfect machine for you on our list is the Bosch Fully-automatic Top loading washing machine with the capacity of 6.5kg. It has many advanced functions. So, let’s go through a few of them here

  • It is a 34 kg weighted washing machine with a warranty of 2 years on it and a warranty of 10 years on the motor.
  • It has the capacity of 6.5kg which is perfect for 3-4 people sized family
  • It has the special feature of soft closing lead and supports the one touch start system
  • It has the maximum rotational speed of 680rpm
  • It is manufactured by Bosch and does not requires batteries

The other notable features that this machine posses are, it has the noise level of washing at 49db and noise level of spinning at 65db. The noise level while drying is 65db. These noise levels are quite less for level for this range.

This is because it has special anti vibration design leading to less vibration, and therefore lesser noise. It also has special Variodrum which ensures deeper cleaning. You can set and monitor everything through its LED display

There are more to be added to the notable features of this machine like

  • PowerWave Wash System-  This machine consists of an intelligent wave drum movement with amazing water flow system that cleans even the toughest stain.
  • Poweroff Memory Function- This machine resumes with the last wash after a power cut with its intelligent memory function.
  • Magic Filter- This feature efficiently captures lint and small threads that come out if clothes while washing for cleaner laundry
  • Toughened Glass Lid- This machines are fitted with toughened glass lid which are strong and see through.
  • Smart Child Lock- This function locks all the keys on the control panel for uninterruptible performance.


It is very easy to handle and install this machine

It comes with the advanced magic filter.


There is no in-built heater installed in this machine.

IFB 6.5Kg Fully-automatic Top loading washing machine

Another addition to our list is the IFB Fully-automatic Top loading washing machine with the capacity of 6.5kg. It consists of many smooth features and has amazing in-built technology in it that makes it perfect for us.

  • It is a 35kg weighted machine with a warranty of 4 years on the machine and a 4 year warranty on the motor
  • It has the capacity of 6.5kg which is perfect for a middle sized family
  • It contains of 6 wash products for the cleaning the different fabrics perfectly
  • It is made up of stainless steel and has the voltage of 230 volts

This machine is an affordable top loading washing machine, manufactured by IFB and does not require any batteries for its operation. Some other features that adds great worth to this machine are

  • 3D wash system- This machine has a dynamic water system for your laundry. It soaks your clothes thoroughly to deliver an excellent wash.
  • Crescent Moon Drum- In this machine the smooth crescent moon grooves on the drum surface that creates a gentle water cushion that prevents damage to fabrics.
  • Deep Cleaning- This machine makes you experience a magical cleaning experience that is tough on stains and gentle on fabrics. The Triadic Pulsator Cleaning Engine makes clothes sparkle.
  • Aqua Spa Therapy- This feature in the machine hydrates, exfoliates, cleanses and rejuvenates. It also pamper your clothes at the spa with programs and technology designed to wash with care.
  • Smart Sense- In this machine the inbuilt Smart Weight Sensor automatically weighs the load and adjusts the settings accordingly to save water and detergent.


It has the deep clean technology in-built with a crescent moon drum.

It consists of the feature that pampers your clothes with the spa technology.


It’s material is not rust-proof.

Whirlpool 6.2kg Fully-automatic top loading washing machine

Whirlpool 6.2kg Fully-automatic Top loading washing machine is another most preferable machine on our list. It has great features in it that is greatly beneficial for our laundry. Let’s see some features here

  • It is a 28kg weighted machine with a warranty of 2 years on it and the same of 10 years on the motor.
  • It has the capacity of 6.2kg
  • It is a compact washing machine with 12 wash programs
  • It is made up of steel and has the voltage of 230 volts

This machine is manufactured by Whirlpool and does not require any battery for its operation, it has the maximum rotational speed of 740 rpm. It is an affordable fully-automatic machine that has many other notable features like

  • Spa Drum- By allowing a 3-24 hours delay in the wash cycle, the delay wash program enables you to set the time for your laundry to finish as per your convenience. So you can take out time for other things.
  • Spiro Wash– In this machine you will get 20% better cleaning with the new Spiro Wash Action. This advanced Wash motion washes clothes in a unique circular motion giving it a complete through wash.
  • Hard Water Wash- This washing machines adapt the operations for washing in hard water by sensing the water type and adapting the wash cycle to give you up to 20% of extra cleaning.
  • 1-2-3 Wash– This machine comes with an easy to use 3 button control panel to take great care of your washing requirements. All you need to press is 1-2-3 and the machine’s intelligence will take over the responsibility of delivering you the perfect wash.
  • Auto Tub Clean- This feature automatically cleans the inner walls of the tub by reusing the water used in the wash cycle.


It has hard water wash technology

It cleans the inner walls of the tub with the help of its Auto Tub Clean feature.


Sometimes time of the machine is not accurate

Buying Guide for Best Washing Machine in India

1. Type of Washing Machine

First step is to decide which type of washing machine you want to buy. Washing machine can be fully automatic or semi-automatic. Fully automatic washing machine can be front load or top load. For differences between top load and front load washing machine, you can read our in-depth article. Each type of washing machine has its pros and cons.

FactorSemi-AutomaticFully Automatic Top LoadFully Automatic Front Load
AutomationHuman intervention neededNo human intervention neededNo human intervention needed
PriceIt is cheapest washing machine (starts from Rs 7,000)Price is higher than semi-automatic (starts from Rs 12,000)Price is highest (starts from Rs 20,000)
NoiseMedium noiseLow noiseVery low noise
Wash mode optionsLess optionsMore optionsMost number of options
Wash qualityAverage qualityBetter qualityBest quality
Water ConsumptionMedium consumptionHigh consumptionLow consumption

Semi-automatic washing machine is one of the most popular washing machine type in India. As the name suggests, it is not automatic and needs human intervention during wash cycle. It has two tubs. Larger tub is for washing and other smaller tub is for drying (spinning) of clothes. Once clothes are washed and rinsed in the first tub, they have to be shifted manually in to the dryer. Price for this machine is quite low. Pricing can start from INR 7,000.


  • Low Price
  • Low maintenance required and low maintenance cost
  • Consumes low quantity of water


  • Human intervention needed during wash cycle
  • Drying is not that effective
  • Washing of clothes is not very effective
  • It creates some noise during washing

Fully automatic top load washing machine removes the biggest drawback of semi-automatic washing machine. It has only one tub for washing and drying and

it does not require any human effort once wash cycle starts. On top of that, this washing machine can come with many more additional features such as child-lock, hot wash, app control etc. All this comes at a higher price. Pricing can start from INR12,000.


  • Better washing than semi-automatic machine
  • No need to separately put clothes into the dryer
  • It creates lesser noise as compared to semi-automatic machine
  • You can add clothes mid cycle which is not possible in front load machines


  • Uses high quantity of water
  • It comes at higher price than semi-automatic machine

Fully automatic front load washing machine is most sophisticated washing machines in the Indian market today. It opens from the front for loading and unloading of laundry. It is compact in size and gives best cleaning of clothes along with fabric care. Usually these machines come with plenty of smart features such as app control, smart wash and many wash modes for different types of clothes. All this comes at higher price tag. Pricing starts from INR 20,000.


  • Most efficient cleaning
  • Uses less water as compared to fully-automatic top load washing machine
  • Comes with many features and wash options


  • Cannot add clothes once wash cycle starts
  • Higher price tag

Reading Suggestion:

2. Capacity / Drum Size

Washing Machine Capacity

Capacity of washing machine is measured in kgs. It is the weight of clothes that washing machine can take in a single wash cycle. Most of the washing machines come in 6 to 8 kg range. Semi-automatic washing machines can come in higher capacity such as 9 kg or 10 kg, while fully automatic washing machines usually do not come with this high capacity.

For a medium sized family, 7 to 8 kg capacity washing machine is ideal.

3. Number and Types of Wash Programs

Wash modes in washing machine

Wash program is an important feature to check before buying washing machine. Minimum number of wash programs can be two. While some front load washing machine come with more than 15 wash programs also. More number of programs will give you control over type of washing based on fabric type and how dirty the clothes are. Different fabric modes are cotton, sportswear, jeans, kids-wear, delicate, wool and so on. Different wash types based on dirt level can be intense wash, medium wash and quick wash and so on.

4. Energy efficiency

If you are buying washing machine for long term then you should consider energy rating pf the washing machine. BEE (Bureau of Energy Efficiency) energy rating gives rating from a scale of 1 to 5 with 5 best most energy efficient. BEE is a rating agency and part of government of India. Even though washing machine is not required to have a BEE rating unlike refrigerators, most of the washing machines display their ratings to help customers choose models based on energy efficiency. Based on our experience, these ratings should be considered if you plan to use washing machine for longer period of time.

5. Water Usage

Every washing machine type uses different amount of water. Top load Fully automatic washing machine requires huge amount of water, while front load washing machine can even wash in 60% less water as compared to top load fully automatic washing machine. While semi-automatic washing machine can use 10% to 20% less water as compared to fully automatic top load machine. Thus, fully automatic washing machine wins hands down in terms of water usage.

However, fully automatic washing machine requires constant supply for water and it cannot work at low water pressure. If water pressure in your home is low then you should consider increasing the pressure or buying semi-automatic washing machine. You can increase the water pressure by increasing the height of overhead water tank to 16 – 18 feet above the washing machine. You can also use booster pumps to increase pressure.

6. Drying effectiveness

Drying effectiveness depends on the maximum spin speed of the machine. It is measured in rpm (rotations per minute). Higher RPM means better drying. Maximum rotational speed of 1000 RPM is good and speed of 1300 – 1400 RPM is very good. Typically semi-automatic washing machines have higher speed compared to front load washing machines. Fully automatic washing top load washing machines have least speed among all the three types

7. Smart features

High-end washing machines come with decent smart features. App control features can connect your phone with washing machine to regulate the wash process. You can also use apps for diagnostics purpose. That is, if there is any issue with washing machine, it will notify you on your phone’s app.

8. Noise & Vibrations

Noise in washing machine can vary greatly depending upon the technology in use and model. Usually, semi-automatic washing machine make most noise. It is followed by fully automatic top load washing machine. Front load washing machine is the most silent ones. However, it tends to vibrate quite a lot during spin cycle because the motor rotates with maximum speed during this process. To reduce this vibrations, many brands have developed anti-vibration technologies to reduce noise / vibrations levels in these front load machines. However, these technologies are not perfect and you will still feel vibrations during spin cycle.

Most of the brands give separate washing noise levels and spinning noise levels in their specifications. Noise level is measured in decibels (dB). Noise level for washing macine can range from 40 dB to upwards of 80 dB.

Wash noise level of 40 to 55 dB is considered good. While spin noise level of 50 to 60 dB is quite good.

9. Dimensions / size of washing machine.

It is always advised to understand the machine dimensions well in advance so that you can figure out space to place you washing machine. Typically semi-automatic washing machine takes more space than any other type of washing machine.

10. Maintenance

Maintenance is also another important consideration before buying washing machine. Typically, Fully automatic washing machine will require more maintenance as compared to semi-automatic washing machines. Also, cost of repair is higher in fully automatic washing machines. Front loaders require maximum maintenance. One reason for this is that chances of developing smell / mould in front loaders is high, thus it requires regular cleaning. Plus, it is a sophisticated machine and any breakdown will require assistant of a professional. On the other hand, semi-automatic machine requires least maintenance.

Maintenance cost of a front loader can vary depending on machine, your locations etc. It is always advisable to buy from reputed brands to get good servicing. Also, most of the brands give a warranty of at least 2 years on the product and 2 to 10 years of warranty on motor.

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What are the Best Washing Machine Brands in India?

There are several good brands in the market right now. Lets’s see which are these brands.


LG is a Korean company known for technology innovation and effective pricing. Thus it is one the most popular washing machine brands in India. LG washing machines come with innovative technologies such as direct drive and turbo drum. It is also one of the first brands in India to come up with smart-inverter based washing machines.


Bosch is a German company and is known for producing high quality front load washing machines. It is known for expertise in complex technologies in various fields. With its own dedicated R&D center in India, it understand Indian customer quite well. However, it is currently not into semi-automatic washing machines as of now.


Samsung is another popular brand in India and it enjoys good level of trust among Indian customers. This Korean brand have vast experience in electronics and home appliances. It has used its experience in electronics to come up with high-end washing machines with smart technologies and pleasing display features at effective pricing


Whirlpool is best known for washing machines in India. It is a US-based MNC that established itself in India in the year 1960. Thus, it one of the oldest washing machines brand in India and it enjoys good deal of popularity among Indian customers.


Haier is an based out of China. It is known for producing durable washing machines. Haier is known for giving value-for-money to its customers.


IFB Is an Indian brand known for making quality front loading washing machines. It has given tough competition to other multinational brands in the list for last many years. This is because technology used in front loading washing machine of IFB is at par with these brands. In-fact it was the first washing machine brand to that started selling front load washing machine in India.

Apart from these brands, other popular brands are Godrej and Onida.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s):

1. What is the difference between fully automatic and semi-automatic washing machine?

In a fully automatic washing machine, once the wash process starts, it will wash and get dried automatically. You do not have to monitor it. In a semi-automatic washing machine, you have to take out your laundry after wash process and then put the clothes into separate up for spinning (drying). Thus you have to monitor the wash cycle constantly.

2. Top load vs front load washing machine – Which is better?

Top load washing machines are relatively convenient to use because you can operate it while standing. It comes at lesser cost and clothes can be added even after wash process starts. Front load washing machine offers better cleaning and better drying. It also uses less water and power. But the price is higher.

3. How much water pressure is required for fully automatic washing machine?

Water pressure of 1 bar is sufficient for fully automatic washing machine. If the pressure is less then you should buy semi-automatic washing machine.

4. What are the types of semi-automatic washing machines?

Semi-automatic washing machines are only top load. However, fully automatic washing machines can be front load or top load.

5. What is kg in washing machine?

Kg is the weight of clothes that you can put in the washing machine in one wash cycle. Most of the washing machines come in the range of 6 to 8 kg, which is sufficient for medium sized Indian households.

6. What are best brands for front load washing machines?

Bosch and IFB are best brands for front load washing machines in India.

7. What are best brands for top load washing machines?

LG, Samsung, Whirlpool are best brands in top loader washing machines.

8. Can I use any detergent in front load washing machine?

Detergent for front load washing machines are labelled with HE (high efficiency) logo. This is a special detergent that should be used because it produces less foam which is necessary for safe functioning for front loader.
Top loader detergent creates more foam that can damage frontload machine. If you have regular detergent but want to use it in front loader in emergency then you should use half the amount of detergent you use in regular (top loader) washing machine to prevent you washing machine from damage.

9. Is 6 kg washing machine enough for my family?

6 kg washing machine can fit 25 to 30 t-shirts or 15 to 20 trousers in one cycle. Thus it is ideal for small families.
8 kg washing machine can fit 35 to 40 t-shirts or 30 trousers. Thus it is ideal for medium sized families.
10 kg washing machine can fit 45 to 50 t-shirts or 35 to 40 trousers. Thus it is ideal for large families.

10. What is inverter technology in washing machine?

Inverter in washing machine regulated the speed of washing based on load size. If load is less, then inverter will sense it and it will decrease the speed of the motor. This makes the washing machine energy efficient.